Hello Hakyll

I’ve tested various blogging platforms before. I’ve had a blogger blog setup with decent styling to suit most of my needs, but tweaking it was very difficult. Also, I’ve been using gists and embedding them to share code, which comes in most of my posts. Skeleton wasn’t doing well with the google’s pre, code settings.

Then I came to know about Jekyll. Static site generator with integration to github seemed to be a nice choice. But I wanted to keep the option of customizing the software later on, and my aversion to ruby has been keeping me away from Jekyll all this time.

Hello Hakyll. Inspired by Jekyll, written in haskell. The entire power of pandoc coming behind. And also aligns with my recently found interest in the haskell programming language.

No more opening up an editor and nightmares of trying to format a post properly. Inline code seems to be working neatly, I’m yet to add syntax highlighting, something which can be easily accomplished using a little CSS.

Circle CI hook takes care of generating site once post is created and pushed. Still wondering as to why it is necessary. Currently enabled because the tutorial I followed had it.


  • tag, category support
  • syntax highlighting for codes
  • more design tweaks
  • removing placeholder lorem ipsums
  • move blogger archives here
  • add mathjax/math support

Inline code test

main = do
    putStrLn "Hello World"

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