Ever since I started using ArchLinux, one thing I was scared of was losing one or many of my dotfiles. I didn’t take this very seriously up until a few days ago.

Another instance of Murphy’s law being true, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. One day I booted up my laptop to see the entire hard disk rewritten into a debian bootable image. This meant the loss of everything, not just dotfiles. Installing the base system was easy, as I’ve installed arch on various architectures, alongside various OSes. The dotfiles had all my custom configurations, hacks to get sound, display, graphics to working, which took me countless days and sleepless nights to get working.

Now I have a backup of my important dotfiles in a gitlab repository, setup using a python script and a yaml config file. Its not automated yet, but since the script is ready, automation is just a matter of adding a cronjob.

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